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CHALLENGE: BRAUN is looking for a credible brand ambassador for shaving products who reaches a young, male target group.

Sponsorship Deals


From conversations we know that Jérôme has been using BRAUN products for years. Because of this and his passion for design, fashion and lifestyle, we see him as the perfect brand ambassador for BRAUN. Together with the brand we develop and supervise the campaign and the slogan "Push Your Style". The partnership is played through all advertising channels. One focus of the cooperation is social posts on Jérôme Boateng's channels, in which the products are authentically integrated into the player's feed and their story. In addition, the guys in our team suddenly come to work in a surprisingly neat way...


  • Social Media (Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook), TV, print, Out-of-Home, point of sale


  • >100 million contacts, classic brand ambassador sponsoring, 360° campaign "PUSH YOUR STYLE"

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