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CHALLENGE: David Alaba is one of the most famous players in the Bundesliga with over 4. 8 million Instagram followers. Search for a suitable video format for him and create a concept for a series with private insights into the everyday life of the football star.

Social Media


We are planning a six-part IGTV series that will focus on the private life of David Alaba. In each episode, he meets another person from his family or circle of friends, including his sister Rose May Alaba, his team-mate Serge Gnabry and others. For the realization of our idea, look for a film partner in Graupause. Create a project plan, coordinate shooting schedules with all parties involved and take care of suitable locations and the organisation on the shooting days.


  • Broadcast on David Alaba's IG and Facebook channels.


  • Mentions by various media (BILD, Spox, Horizont, Kurier, etc.)

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