About us

Why us?

Let's start with what we are NOT: We are not a corporation. How can you tell? For a conversation with the boss, it is not necessary that two assistants coordinate an appointment for next week, you just have to call us. +49 170 1122210. So simple. (Or you can send a WhatsApp - whichever you prefer) By the way, conversations with everyone else work the same way.

It works because we want it to. We love what we do and we always have time and desire for an exciting new project, a PR or social media challenge.

This passion, this "desire to win" (as Jürgen Klopp calls it), can be seen in the results: Although we only started in 2015, we already work with around 20 professional athletes, and have negotiated countless sponsorship deals and campaigns. Our reputation speaks for itself, and are respected within a European network of journalists, marketing agencies, marketers and social networks.

That's why us.


Nadine Bauer
Photographer, influencer, lifestyle lover

Already the half of the national team was already on her Leica. Our organizational wonder is herself an influencer with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. She has two kids and likes everything that uses electricity. New technologies, new equipment - Nadine is on the spot. And this, by the way, is all done shockingly early in the morning (although this is probably related to the factor of being a "mum").

Florian Bernetseder
Communications manager, DJ and former employee of FC Bayern Munich

Football, fashion and lifestyle belong together for him. He works as a DJ & event manager on the side and plays football as a hobby in Hauzenberg near Passau. As a former employee of FC Bayern, he has the best contacts in the Munich football industry.

Tiago Dias Ferreira
Social media manager, football enthusiast, linguist

Sometimes it's helpful that you can talk to players in their native language. Tiago is fluent in Portuguese, English, German and Spanish - which covers virtually every professional football language. He was also once an interpreter at the UCL press conference with Guardiola and the first Portuguese person at the Four Hills Tournament.

Florian Greß
Head of content, football fan, strategist

The football professor from Lower Franconia. He has a burning passion for football, football and football again. Other interests? At most Twitter or FIFA 19 on PlayStation. He studied communication science with an emphasis on science. Our man for the perfect press story.

With us athletes meet their perfect matching brands. Some call it win-win. We call it „Let‘s play forward“.

Felix Ladwig
Communications Manager, Barista, Digital Native

Felix not only has the "desire to win", but is a digital native who analyzes everything that is going on in the social media world. The winning mentality runs in the blood of the enthusiastic FC Bayern member. In addition to his many years of agency experience for top-class customers from industry and the automotive sector, he is an avid coffee lover with a barista training. You need a workshop? Let us know!

Lukas Lechleitner
Graphic artist, football expert, Unterhaching fan

If you have any questions about any football game anywhere - ask Lukas. Too bad that there is no "Want to bet that...?" anymore. He would have won every football bet. He is also a proud owner of a season ticket of the Spvgg Unterhaching and used to shoot sneakers professionally.

Muriel Peltzer
Social media manager, fitness queen, early bird

Our Muriel won't hold anything in her feathers for so long. Before the first rooster starts his Kikeriki, our youngest member of the team is already exercising in an endurance or strength unit. Muriel's motto is fitness first! In addition to her master’s degree in sports management at Munich Business School, she keeps the social media channels of our winter sports customers fit. With almost 10,000 own followers, Muriel knows the unwritten rules of every Instagram story. Don't mess with Muriel!

Jakob Penner
Sports cooperation, cross-country skiing fan, journalism degree

When he answers the phone with "Hi, here's THE Jacob", numerous top athletes know what's going on. Jakob is a Rapid Vienna fan and Paulaner Spezi flows through his veins. He was formerly employed at BMW sport communication, today he has the best contacts in the Bavarian and Austrian sports world and is a real doer.

Hubert Raschka
Founder, sports freak, marketing manager

Our enthusiast from Berchtesgaden. Speaks fast, rides fast (preferably by bike through the mountains) and quickly solves problems. Practically speaking, he has everything necessary for this job: journalism studies and many years of experience as marketing manager (Festina Uhren, TSV1860 Munich). Constantly online and alert since social media has been around. Today he takes care of everything - from the worldwide campaign launch to why the fridge is always empty so quickly.

Michael Schwindl
Social media & PR professional, haven of peace, organizational talent

Michael is someone who always radiates calmness and composure at work - but at the foosball table he's the exact opposite. Meticulously manages our internal foosball ranking list and structures everything else with ease. Also has over 1 million views on YouTube for his football freestyle videos.

It can be really competitive, what networks, fans and clients want from their stars on social media. But don‘t worry: We train the best.

David Steinkuhl
Social media manager, Per Mertesacker double, sports scientist

People often ask him for a selfie, because they constantly confuse him with Per Mertesacker. Outstanding social media manager with the best contacts to numerous top athletes. He's a fan of Hammarby Fotboll. And he has a fantastic sense of humor. Obviously.

Srecko Vucur
Team leader, organizational genius, groundhopper

The father of two with Croatian roots has already gained experience at several well-known digital agencies. Because he wanted to combine his passion for football with his agency experience, he ended up at We Play Forward. As an efficiency engine, he ensures that our start-up runs smoothly.

The nice thing about turning your hobby into your profession? You know your way around perfectly.

Stefanie Winkler
Accountant, sea lover, organization queen

Anyone can play on the pitch - but to educate a bunch of crazy sports freaks about correct travel expense accounting - THIS is the real Champions League. She is the secret brain of the company and holds everything together behind the scenes. She is also the mistress of the holiday list - so: don't fool around with Stefanie!

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

(Michael Jordan)